New Endeavors… Onward + Upward, Always.

Some time ago, I decided I want to pursue new endeavors in photography. I wasn’t very clear as to what that would one day develop to one day be. In fact, what I have arrived at today is very different from what I anticipated I’d end up wanting to shoot. (I’ll reveal what it is once I’ve rambled a little more)

One thing I have learned through this experience is to just continue to grind through the process and find the joy in doing so. Just because something doesn’t fall into place like you envisioned, doesn’t mean you’re a failure. You are simply placing your feet on one stepping stone after another. You’ll eventually arrive where you are supposed to be, so long as you don’t stop moving forward.
Onward and upward, always. This is a theme that has been finding its way into my life since the beginning of 2015. It all started when I began to pursue a more intensive fitness training in Crossfit. I began to accomplish things I never thought I would have done; breaking through thresholds I didn’t think I would have crossed. Squatting 300#.. Cleaning and jerking 160#.. Handstand push ups.. double unders.. rope climbs. These are all skills and feats of strength I didn’t believe were for me. But as I pressed on, I began to see them within reach. And now I’ve got a grasp on these things. Only to let them go, and set my sights on the next threshold.

Since then, I have found a passion for health and fitness. My life has been filled podcasts, blogs, books, videos, and basically any avenue of quality information that I could get my hands on. This passion eventually led me to find a new weightlifting gym that was seeking help with getting started. I offered my help in the form of social media and photography. Getting to dabble in this sparked a new set of ideas and opportunities for me; along with a new set of connections to get involved with my new found passion.

So here it is. I am now looking for opportunities to shoot weightlifting, powerlifting, and Crossfit competitions! Its a perfect marriage of two things I love to do! I believe I can bring a my creative photographic flair to the fitness realm. It may not be revolutionary, but it is mine and I want to share it in a new way!

IMG_2981 IMG_3006 IMG_3009 IMG_3018 IMG_3023 IMG_3002


Luis + Abi – Proposal, Engagement, & Maternity

I had the unique opportunity to do shoot the trifecta in the span of a few weeks for this couple! Luis and Abi are two of the coolest, goofiest, most perfect for one another people I know! Most of the shoot, I found them just laughing and enjoying the day together! You’ll be able to see their love and hearts of gold in the photos below!

Luis and Abi Fun Fact: Their catch phrase is ‘high key’. High key, they use it often.